Thursday, August 12, 2010

Youth Olympic Games!

Two former Kelly's Kids selected as the only two Canadian athletes to race in the Youth Olympic Games in Singapore. Congratulations Brook and Christine!


Novice triathletes get their feet wet in Games

New international competition will produce next generation of stars, says Olympic gold medallist Simon Whitfield

By Yvonne Zacharias, Vancouver Sun August 12, 2010

As two young triathletes from Vancouver Island headed off to the inaugural Youth Olympic Games in Singapore, there was one veteran athlete cheering them on from the sidelines.

That was Olympic gold medallist Simon Whitfield.

If only he had had this opportunity when he was young, life would have been so much easier.

The Victoria triathlete, who is now 35, made quite a splash when he shocked the world with his big Olympics win in 2000 in Sydney. That's what most people think of whenever the champion's name is mentioned.

What they don't realize is he struggled mightily in his youth for lack of a stepping stone.

Watching Brook Powell, 16, of Victoria, and Christine Ridenour, 18, of Cowichan Bay, heading off as the only two triathletes from Canada to compete in the Games, Whitfield recalled, "When I was their age, you had to race straight into the World Cup series. I spent quite a few years, without other options, getting absolutely hammered there."

A lot of his peers dropped out of the sport because there was nothing to bridge them from being a 16-year-old just getting into the sport to racing at a high-performance international level.

He points out that teenagers develop physically at widely varying rates, but they tend to have reached the same maturity by the time they are in their mid-20s. He sees the first Youth Olympic Games as one possible way of encouraging the late developers.

"I was absolutely crushed when I was 16 because I was in a 12-year-old's body running around getting beaten by kids who were just bigger and stronger."

The Youth Olympic Games are designed to be partly cultural in that they are an opportunity for athletes around the world to compete against each other and partly a celebration of sport. Whitfield believes that is key.

"If they can stay away from turning it into the circus that the Olympics sometimes become and just keep the purity of getting athletes together and in this case, young athletes, for pure competition and the proper values of sports, that will be one of the distinct ways of measuring their success."

The two young athletes, Ridenour and Powell, have worked hard to get to Singapore. Ridenour finished third and Powell finished eighth in qualifying races in Mexico this summer.

Before leaving, Ridenour said she realizes an event such as this can be overwhelming and distracting so she plans to work at staying focused. Powell said this is his first major international race on another continent. He doesn't know what to expect but he knows it will be memorable.

Alan Trivett, executive-director of Triathlon Canada, sees it as no accident that the only two triathletes from Canada competing in the Youth Olympic Games are from B.C. With a national triathlon centre in Victoria since the late 1990s and Penticton hosting the only Iron Man competition in Canada, the province is the epicentre of the sport, he said.

A combination of swimming, cycling and running, the sport is growing by leaps and bounds. Nationally, the number of kids' training camps has grown from 144 (2001) to 922 (2009); more impressive, the number of race participants has increased from 2,022 to 16,849.

While triathlon is busy establishing itself in the pantheon of sports, the Youth Olympic Games are still experimental. As with all newbies, this baby has yet to find its place.

Trivett said he supports the Games in principle, but he added the timing poses challenges because the world championships for the sport are held in early September. "It really challenges our ability to perform very well at the world championships."

Trivett said participation in the Youth Olympic Games is far more important than the results.

"Of course, we are looking for medals there. We want to do great but these Games are very much a cultural experience for the athletes," he said. "It is more about the Olympic experience and Olympic ideals than it is about who wins the most number of gold, silvers and bronzes, which is quite different than the regular Olympic Games."
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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Today (Sunday July 4th) Kelly's Kids Triathlon (KKT) athletes again raced really well at the Subaru Vancouver International Triathlon! Way to go!

Sprint Distance
Jericho O'Connell, Placed 1st, Junior men
Trevor Marc, Placed 2nd, Junior men

Elite Off-road triathlete award!

On June 25 2010, Triathlon Canada announced the Triathlon Canada Annual Awards, Coach Kelly Guest received the Elite Male Off-road Triathlete.
Thank you to Triathlon Canada and congratulations to all of the other award winners!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Congratulations Christine!!!

Christine Ridenour won the Jr. women's race at Cote du Lac in Quebec yesterday (Saturday June 26th) She excited the water with a couple of other girls and they all worked hard on the bike to start the run with a gap over the rest of the field. During the run Christine used her ever increasing run fitness to pull away from the other girls!
Great job, Christine!!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

BC Summer Games here we come!!!

Congratulations to Maya Munzar (photo above), Megan Kinghorn, Christian Taylor and Jessie Ogden for all qualifying for the BC Games at the Victoria Youth Triathlon on June 13th. As well a big congratulations to the rest of the athletes that raced so well!!!

Maya Munzar 1st 14-15 female
Megan Kinghorn 3rd 14-15 female
Jessie Ogden 4th 14-15 female

Christian Taylor 3rd 14-15 male
Eric Hartford 5th 14-15 male

Holly Henry 4th 12-13 female

Sam Ogden 2nd 12-13 male

Desire Ridenour 1st 10-11 female
Hannah Henry 5th 10-11 female

Jeremy Kissack 2nd 10-11 male

Last weekend, June 19-20th was also a big weekend! On Saturday the gang participated in the annual fundraiser Jordan's family ride which raises funds for neuroblastoma research. Kelly's Kids Triathlon donated $500 to the effort! Then on Sunday Kelly's Kids Triathlon manned an aid station at the Elk lake triathlon (sprint and 1/2 Ironman). There were some amazing performances in the sprint race from the Junior athletes,

Lehm Houston Maguire 4th overall, 1st 16-19 male
Jericho O'Connell 3rd 16-19 male
Jordan Kinghorn 4th 16-19 male
Trevor Marc 5th 16-19 male
Caitlin Saulsgiver 3rd 16-19 female

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Way too long since the last post!

Racing has begun in full force for the KKT squad! Everyone is really fit and eager to be toeing the line and testing themselves!

Here are some of the race results...

May 29-30, 2010
Lehm Houston Maguire 3rd OVERALL
Jericho O'Connell 4th (M 16-19)
Jordon Kinghorn 5th (M16-19)
Caitlin Saulsgiver 2nd (F16-19

Hannah Henry 1st (F10-11)

May 24/2010
Desirae Ridenour 1st (F 11)
Jeremy Kissack 3rd (M 11)
Megan Kinghorn 1st (F 14)
Eric Hartford 2nd (M 14)
Maya Munzar 1st (F 15)
Christian Taylor 2nd (M 15)
Lowell Rockliffe 2nd (Elite Male)
Jordan Kinghorn 4th (Jr. Elite Male)

May 23/2010
Christine Ridenour 3rd OVERALL (2ND CANADIAN)

May 9/2010
Lehm Houston Maguire 1st (M16-19) *3rd OVERALL*
Jericho O'Connell 2nd (M16-19)
Trevor Marc 3rd (M16-19)
Christine Ridenour 1st (Female Jr. Elite) *2nd OVERALL FEMALE*

April 24/2010
Maya Munzar 1st OVERALL (youth race)
Megan Kinghorn 2nd (F14-15)
Holly Henry 2nd (F12-13)
Hannah Henry 2nd (F 10-11)

April 18/2010
Christine Ridenour 3rd OVERALL (1ST CANADIAN)

Now we are up to date!!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

WOW, it is Jan already!

Hello All,
It has been a while since that last posting, but activities have not stopped! KKT had a short break to recharge the athletes bodies and the parents taxi service. Over the holiday's we did get together for a few great events. The first of these events was a Christmas party (Thanks Taylor family for hosting!), which the group photo is from. One special treat for everyone at the party was Lowell's song "My Coach" definitely worth a watch!
As well we also met after Christmas for a technical bike session, in which we played various games on bikes (I wish we had some video of it).
The other event was a gym day at GNS senior school (Thank you GNS!!). During this we played for 2hours, floor hockey, basket ball, and soccer... Wow, was I ever sore the next day! I am sure the rest of the gang were probably not sore.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Fast Food Run

On Sunday, Christine Ridenour held the 2nd annual "Fast Food Run" in Duncan. This is a 5km race that Christine founded to raise money and collect food for the Cowichan Valley Basket Society. It was a great event! We used the event at a great chance to get a fast 5km time on a measured course. The athletes of KKT didn't disappoint bringing food and money donations and some fast running times to the event.

After the race a number of the athletes had an informal get together as one of our group is on the move. Carlos is heading back to Mexico. Carlos began training with us in October and quickly became an invaluable friend and training partner. Carlos is planning to return to Canada in January to attend Comosum College and continue training.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Green Silence!

I just came across this and I think it is the coolest marriage of technology, speed and responsibility that I have seen in a while!

Make an eco-statement with the Green Silence racing flat. Each and every part in this fast, groundbreaking shoe has a sustainable element, including soy-based inks and recycled materials. And in this case, "green" goes hand-in-hand with the great performance you expect from Brooks. The Green Silence helps you take responsibility, and first place—with good karma to spare. Weight: 6.9 oz.

I will get a picture of these cool kicks up asap but until then check out under the competition shoes!

It is dark, wet and cold but we have headlamps and will run!

This is a picture at the end of our first headlight run session of the winter. It poured rain the entire time. The headlights prevent us too fast but we can still get some good running in.

When I say we, I mean the athletes. I (their coach) stood under an umbrella for the workout. Hey, if it weren't for me, who would have taken the picture? there isn't a dry hand in the crowd of them!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

To have wisdom teeth or to not have wisdom teeth

Well the rains and early evenings are here which means it is time to build the weaknesses and maintain the strengths for the coming season. For me one of the weaknesses has been the looming pressure of getting my wisdom teeth pulled. This is a topic that has come up with my dentist for many years and I have always said " in the off-season". This year I actually meant it and now I am without wisdom teeth. I have heard that a lot of pro cycling teams schedule regular dentist visits for their top pros as a small infection in your mouth can affect your entire immune system.

So this is me, raising a bowl of ice cream and saying "cheers to better health". The photo says it all.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

2nd Annual "Fast" Food Run!

Runners and Volunteers needed!

Christine Ridenour is putting on the 2nd Annual "Fast" Food Run on Sunday November 22, 2009 to support the Cowichan Valley Basket Society. Admission by donation of non-perishable food items. 2km run/walk starts @ 10:30 and the 5km run starts @ 11:00. Both events will be held at McAdam Park, Wharncliffe Rd, Duncan BC.

Please contact Christine @

Friday, October 23, 2009

Welcome to Kelly's Kids Triathlon/ KKT!

Over the last twelve years, I have raced on the Canadian National Team for Olympic distance triathlon, participated in international triathlon events, world cup triathlon events, world championship triathlon events, been named to Commonwealth Games Triathlon team and earned the Male Off-road triathlete title. I am now privileged to be the head coach and founder of a high performance youth triathlon team, Kelly’s Kids Triathlon/KKT!

There are two over-arching goals of KKT:

• To create and sustain a youth triathlon program that will have a direct impact on Canadian triathletes obtaining podium finishes at international racing events and;

• To facilitate a program founded on three levels of respect: self-respect, respect for high performance sport, and respect for competition.

I believe these goals are achieved through the reinforcement of athletes’ strengths, identification and attention to areas of weakness and instruction of proper techniques. I believe both physical and mental training are critical to the development of high performance athletes. Further, I believe in teaching youth to develop a tool kit from which techniques, skills and experience are able to emerge. And finally, I believe in emphasizing a sport for life approach to training and racing.

With this toolkit of physical and mental skills, I believe youth today will be the champions of tomorrow. As my athletes grow and develop, they are equipped with knowledge, confidence and the ability to push the level of triathlon further, achieving global awareness and dominance.